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CitriSurf, Weld Wizard, KleerKleen, Rust Rescue

A worldwide leader in citric acid passivation solutions
and other low-hazard products for cleaning and care of stainless steel

Passivation of stainless steel has conventionally been accomplished by immersing the steel in a nitric acid bath.
This process is both hazardous and environmentally unfriendly. Stellar Solutions has a complete line of products
for safer and easier production and corrosion protection.

CitriSurf: citric acid based cleaning and passivation solutions that replace the old nitric acid methods
Rust Rescue: providing additional protection in corrosive environments and on pitted stainless steel
Weld Wizard: alternatives to hazardous nitric acid pickle paste for removing the heat discolorations around welds
KleerKleen: providing excellent additional cleaning when needed

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Protecting your stainless steel investment with:

  • Improved removal of free iron from the surface
  • Faster removal of free iron from the surface
  • Low hazard chemistry
  • Environmentally safe chemistry
  • Lower cost

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