CitriSurf® 9002

Technical Data:


CitriSurf 9002 copper cleaner powder is a high quality blend of chemicals formulated for stripping copper and copper alloys. This copper cleaner is provided in a powder form to yield high activity at the lowest possible cost.
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Physical Properties:

Specific Gravity 2.3
Form Solid powder
Chemical Composition Sodium persulfate, Citric acid, inert and proprietary ingredients
Operating Temperature Room Temperature
Flash Point None
Water solubility Complete
Normal working concentration 30 % by wt. dissolved in water


3 lb. & 33 lb. containers.

Application Procedure:

To assure best results, the parts to be treated should be thoroughly cleaned to remove dirt, oils, and grease with an appropriate cleaning solution prior to treatment with CitriSurf 9002 copper cleaner powder solution.

All equipment, mixers, tanks and pumps should be clean and dry prior to use. Only tanks constructed of polypropylene, polyethylene, or other acid resistant plastic or stainless steel should be used for this product. CitriSurf 9002 should be mixed with clean water (purified water if desired) at up to 3 lb. per gallon of water (approx. 30% by weight).

Stellar SolutionsCAUTION!!! Operating temperature of the bath should not exceed 120°F (49°C)!! Higher temperatures will reduce product life, and could cause decomposition of the persulfate.

Depending on the product being cleaned, a different concentration of the CitriSurf 9002 with water may be advantageous or necessary to slow down or speed up the reaction rate. Time, temperature and concentration of the product should be tested prior to use in production. For more aggressive cleaning, longer times, slightly higher temperature (no more than 120°F), and higher concentrations are advantageous, but the most economical conditions may be running at room temperature with lower concentration. Please contact the supplier for assistance if necessary to determine the best formula and conditions for your product.

Completely immerse the parts to be treated in the solution for a period sufficient to obtain the desired effect on the metal surface. This is typically 1-5 minutes, but should be determined by testing with your product.

Rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry completely in air immediately or proceed with post-treatment to obtain the desired results. Drying can be accelerated by use of a hot air oven or other drying medium to attain a clean, dry surface prior to post-treatment or packaging.


The liquid level in the treatment and rinse tanks should always be sufficient to cover all parts being cleaned.  This can be accomplished in the treatment tank when the level gets low by adding the correct ratio of powder and water into the tank as the level drops, to maintain a predetermined level in the tank.  When the cleaning action slows or decreases in efficiency to an unacceptable level for your operations, you can add more powder to restore the speed of the reaction.  It may be necessary to periodically replace the contents of the treatment tank with fresh CitriSurf 9002 solution.

Notes on Use:

Although very safe in normal use, CitriSurf 9002 is a Persulfate and Citric Acid based material, and as such it may cause irritation to exposed surfaces of the body. See Safety Data Sheet before using this material.

CitriSurf 9002 may bleach clothing, even in powder form if it subsequently absorbs moisture.


Dispose of according to all federal, state and local regulations.


CitriSurf 9002 should be stored at temperatures between 50°F and 80°F in 316 stainless steel or approved plastic containers (polyethylene or polypropylene).

Technical Services:

For technical assistance, please contact Stellar Solutions at (847) 854-2800.

Testing of your products with CitriSurf before using in production is recommended. Every product and production facility is different, and requires testing to ensure that CitriSurf is compatible with the particular situation. No warranty is implied, or may be given in writing or verbally without the written permission of Stellar Solutions, Inc.