Rust Removal and Prevention Kit

Rust Rescue tealTo make a technical inquiry, or request an MSDS and other procedure literature, please call us at 847-854-2800 or e-mail us at The kit is available for purchase at The Rust Store.

Rust Removal and Prevention Kit

For Stainless Steel

Available in small and large

Contained in this kit are three products for safe and effective removal of discolorations resulting website logo - citrisurffrom welding or other heat effects on stainless steel, and subsequent passivation to remove surface iron to help prevent corrosion.

All Stainless steel will rust if exposed to adverse conditions such as chlorides (such as in swimming pools, marine environments, deicing salt, or frequent cleaning with bleach) and other corrosive materials. Contamination of the surface with iron due to contact with carbon steel will also lead to surface rusting. However, proper maintenance procedures can prevent occurrence of damaging rust and correct rusting problems if they do occur.

Prior to using CitriSurf 2310 or Rust Rescue 200, mix thoroughly by shaking the bottle.

CitriSurf 77 Plus (Small Kit) CitriSurf 2310 (Large Kit)

These are citric acid based rust removal and passivation products used to restore the corrosion clean up rustresistance to stainless steel where rust, tea staining, or other forms of corrosion has occurred. Spray the CitriSurf 77 Plus or apply the CitriSurf 2310 onto the metal surface and allow it to sit for 20 to 30 minutes at room temperature (70°F, 20°C). Coverage is approximately 90 square feet per 22 oz. bottle of CitriSurf 77 Plus or 250 square feet per gallon of CitriSurf 2310. If heavy rust needs to be removed, gentle scrubbing with the included scrub pad, or a similar non iron containing scratchless pad, partway through the CitriSurf treatment may be helpful. Afterwards, rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water and allow it to dry.

Note: CitriSurf 77 Plus and CitriSurf 2310 must remain moist during the treatment period. When using CitriSurf 2310 in direct sunlight or other hot environments, it may be necessary to periodically reappy CitriSurf 77 Plus or to mist or sprinkle the CitriSurf 2310 lightly with water to keep the CitriSurf from drying.

Notes on Use:

These products may discolor some grades of stainless steel. Test a small area before full application.

Copper Sulfate Test Solution

Once the surface has been cleaned and passivated, to test for full iron removal place a drop or two of the test solution onto the stainless steel surface. (If the drop starts to dry out during the test period, apply another drop to keep the area wet.) If a copper color appears on the metal surface (brown or pinkish, like a penny), it indicates that surface iron is still present and is considered a test failure. Further passivation with CitriSurf is required. If no reaction occurs within 6 minutes it is considered a test pass. When the test is complete, rinse or wipe the test area to remove the test solution.

Rust Rescue 200

This product is designed for the protection of stainless steel in conjunction with CitriSurf passivation, especially in highly corrosive environments and areas where corrosion has alreadystainless steel passivation occurred. The use of Rust Rescue is vital if the stainless steel was rusted to the degree where pitting of the surface has occurred, as rust will continue to bleed out of the pits onto the surface if they are not dealt with.

After passivation, allow the surface to dry completely before applying Rust Rescue. Apply a light coat of Rust Rescue 200 to the metal surface. Coverage is approximately 80 square feet per 12 oz. bottle or 150 square feet per half gallon. Wait approximately 2 to 3 minutes and then wipe off the excess product with the included shop towel or similar. Allow the surface to dry completely in air. Drying can be accelerated by use of a hot air oven or other drying medium such as an air blower (hair dryer).


CitriSurf 77 Plus, CitriSurf 2310, and the copper sulfate test solution meet all of the requirements of the ASTM A967, ASTM A380, and AMS 2700 standards for passivation of stainless steel and passivation testing, respectively.

Notes on Use:

Although these products will not harm most metal appliances or surfaces, and will enhance the brightness when used as directed, test a small area before full application.

Although very safe in normal use, these products may cause irritation to exposed surfaces of the body. See Material Safety Data Sheets before using these materials. Rubber or plastic gloves should be worn to apply the products to the surface or to wipe it dry.

Testing of your products with CitriSurf and Rust Rescue before using in production is recommended. Every product and production facility is different, and requires testing to ensure that CitriSurf and Rust Rescue are compatible with the particular situation. No warranty is implied, or may be given in writing or verbally without the written permission of Stellar Solutions, Inc.