Soda Ash

Technical Data:


Soda ash is an alkaline powder that can be used to neutralize acid solution for disposal. Learn more about soda ash uses here.
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Physical Properties:

Form Granular solid
Chemical Composition Sodium carbonate
Flash Point None
Water Solubility Complete


50 lb. Bags

Application Procedure:

The soda ash should be used by slowly adding the dry powder to the CitriSurf solution. Some release of carbon dioxide gas should occur. Mixing or agitation of the solution is recommended to keep the reaction speed high. Check the pH to ensure that the level desired for disposal has been reached.

CitriSurf solutions treated according the above procedure can normally be discharged to public waste water systems. Citric acid and sodium citrate are biodegradable and safe for water systems. Neutralized stainless steel cleaning agent CitriSurf 8050 will also contain sodium phosphate.

CAUTION: Do not reach or exceed a pH of 7.0 for CitriSurf 2250, 3250, or 2450, as this can cause the release of ammonia from the solution.

The required amount of soda ash or other neutralizer will depend on the amount of acid still remaining. However, approximate amounts of soda ash needed are as follows. These numbers are given in terms of pounds of soda ash per gallon of CitriSurf concentrate originally used prior to dilution.

Target pH CitriSurf 2050/3050 CitriSurf 2250/3250 CitriSurf 8050
5.0 2.4 lb/gal 1.3 lb/gal 2.6 lb/gal
5.5 2.8 lb/gal 1.6 lb/gal 2.9 lb/gal
6.0 3.2 lb/gal 1.9 lb/gal 3.2 lb/gal
7.0 4.0 lb/gal 3.8 lb/gal

The amount of soda ash needed for other acid solutions can be determined by testing with a small sample of the solution.

Notes on Use:

Although very safe in normal use, soda ash is an alkaline substance, and as such it may cause irritation to exposed surfaces of the body. See Safety Data Sheet before using this material.


When using the soda ash system, dispose of neutralized acid solutions according to all federal, state and local regulations.

The above information is given on the condition that the party receiving it shall make his own determination as to its suitability for compliance with any statute, law, regulation, ordinance or order relating to waste treatment or disposal and is given on the express condition that such party assumes the risk of his use thereof.


Soda ash should be stored in a dry area.

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