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Brewery, Winery and Distillery Passivation

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So you’re a craft brewer, home brewer, distillery, or winery, and you know that it is important to “passivate” your tanks and equipment. Quality is important to you, and so is passivating brewing equipment the right way with a specific passivation procedure. But what is the right way to passivate stainless steel? Learn more here: Questions?  Don’t hesitate to reach out.  Happy Continue Reading ...

Testimonial: 2310 and Rust Rescue 200 for rust removal & passivation

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"What I wanted to do was to comment on the products Stellar sells. Until about three years ago I had never directly dealt with issues of passivation. In 2013 my company installed a stainless steel job and just 60 days later I was called to the site to review what was reported to be terrible rusting. The attached photos show what I found on the wall of the new $650 million dollar research center. Needless to say there were some unhappy people. We called Stellar Solutions and was provided Continue Reading ...

Hello World! We’ve got a new blog.

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We look forward to sharing useful and interesting information about stainless steel, passivation, our product lines, and other related topics. Did you know? CitriSurf® solutions provide the maximum protection by providing: - Improved removal of free iron from the surface - Faster removal of free iron from the surface - Low hazard chemistry - Environmentally safe chemistry - Lower cost - Passivated surfaces that pass all salt spray, immersion and high humidity tests Give us a Continue Reading ...