Testimonial: 2310 and Rust Rescue 200 for rust removal & passivation

Posted on: December 6, 2018 by in Passivation
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“What I wanted to do was to comment on the products Stellar sells. Until about three years ago I had never directly dealt with issues of passivation. In 2013 my company installed a stainless steel job and just 60 days later I was called to the site to review what was reported to be terrible rusting. The attached photos show what I found on the wall of the new $650 million dollar research center. Needless to say there were some unhappy people. We called Stellar Solutions and was provided with product recommendations, which was the Citrisurf 2310 and Rust+Rescue 200. The ‘after’ pictures speak for themselves. I couldn’t possibly tell you how happy I’ve been since then using Stellar products. Impressive and long-lasting results over and over. Thanks!”